Yenny at Creative's Academy | Back to School

It's true -- I'm heading back to school and I could not be more excited for this learning opportunity.  For the next 7 weeks, I will be attending Creative's Academy, an online course + community created specifically for creative business owners.  I've already started learning from the community through our Facebook group and it's such a lovely and new part of my life.  I now have access to an online group of people who are working towards the same goals as me and one that's willing to knowledge share (can we say #communityovercompetition!?). What a relief that I've found this group and get to learn from them! 

The Creative's Academy stems from a larger in-person conference called Stationery Academy. The academy is designed to provide the information, knowledge, resources and tools to help take a stationery business to the next level.  Its also there to provide an opportunity to re-focus and re-energize business goals in a community of like-minded creative business owners.  Creative's Academy has the same curriculum as Stationery Academy however, it provides business owners the ability to work through the exercises over a longer period of time and via online meet-ups.

For the next 2 months, I will be participating in Q+As with industry experts, and I'll learn all the do's and don'ts for how to continue to build on the momentum that I am experiencing with Yennygrams.  The Academy gets into the nitty gritty business details that are hard to come by, especially when the paper and calligraphy community is so small and mostly online.  I am most excited about how this program will provide guidance and an opportunity to focus on all aspects of my business - the core, the client, the brand, the money, and the plan moving forward!

As the class takes off, I promise to provide some check-ins and I will definitely crowd-source ideas when it's time to get to the planning stages :)  

What's the best professional development event you've attended or experienced?  Do you "sharpen your tools" regularly?

Photo from Creative's Academy // Featuring Jennifer Fraught, our fearless leader!