Deck the Halls with lots of Color!

Take a look at this colorful and inexpensive DIY for the holiday season!

As I mentioned before, I've made a commitment to craft more this holiday season so here comes another project I wanted to share...

During the holidays, I love all of the bright lights and colors that make the season feel so warm and cozy despite the cold winter weather.  To bring that brightness and color into my home, I wanted to create a vibrant garland for my tree that would make my living room feel even more welcoming.

I was inspired by the old-timey felt garland that I've seen around home goods stores like West Elm and I was encouraged by the Kate Spade motto: "Live Colorfully" to  pull in as many different color combinations as possible.  

To get started, I took a trip to Michaels, where I found just what I needed.  I bought a several packs of the Creatology Pom Pom packs (under $20; don't forget to use your 40% off coupons, too!) choosing different packs to get some variety in the colors available.  I knew I had some thread at home that I could use and I already own a small thin needle so the only purchase I needed to make was on these colorful pom poms!

Even my Maine lobster is enjoying the new garland on the tree!

When I got home, I gathered up all of the pom poms in to a large bowl and mixed the different bags to get a visual idea of the fun mix of colors at my disposal.  Then I simply took my needle and thread and made small segments of garland.  I would recommend working in smaller batches because the particular thread I used started to get twisted, maybe try fishing line.  I then tied each end together to create a  longer garland.

Once I finished making the garland, I strung the colorful pom poms on my tree in the same manner that I did with the lights, starting at the top and working my way down, making sure it was evenly spread around the tree.

So what do you think? It's a pretty easy projects and adds a little something more to my holiday spirit :)

My spruced up Spruce :)

Garland isn't just for the tree! Carefully style it around your house to make every room a little more merry!