Yenny Getting Married: The Vendor Becomes The Bride

At the scene of the crime, moments after I blacked out and Joe popped the question!   :D

To make a long story short: My fiancé, Joe, and I became engaged over Memorial Day Weekend 2015 (see evidence at right).  We moved into our first home together on the 2nd of July and we’ve been settling in ever since — decorating and furnishing the place to make it our own.  With that said, after the stress of the "Closing" and then the actual "Move," we haven’t had a ton of energy to put toward that little old Wedding we’re supposed to be planning.

But after three months of blissful ignorance, the questions are rolling in — the whens, the wheres, the whos and the whatsies — family members, friends and even casual acquaintances are wondering what’s going on with the Big Day and to be honest my detail-loving soul yearns for some of these details, too!

And if we’re being really, really honest, I must admit that since saying “Yes!” it has unlocked a new level of my planner side and I am so excited to pour over the details for our 2016 wedding!

As we get down to it, I wanted to keep track of our planning adventures (probably misadventures?) here on the blog as a different point of view, hence the "Teacher becomes the Student," Vendor becomes the Bride thing we’ve got going on!

So here is where I start...with a notebook (ok, two! You can see them below.) - I bought myself wedding notebooks because a) they are oh-so pretty and b) I want to make my own planning and organizational system.

The Kate Spade (on the left) is lined and with that black and white ampersand screams CHIC WEDDING PLANNING IS GOING ON IN HERE!!! And the Russell + Hazel (right) is just beautiful - the colors caught my eye and the three-ring binder inside let's me add tabs, insert plain paper for notes and also has gridded paper for me to sketch out layouts, seating charts and all the other details of our wedding.

So here goes... stay tuned if you're ready for wedding dets!