Modern Calligraphy Summit!

As a solo business owner, it can get a little lonely conducting business on your own 90% of the time.  I've realized recently that now more than ever before in my career, it is so important for me to stay tuned to what's new in the industry and to also keep learning and improving, obviously because I'm my one and only resource.  I rely on two main sources: One is my Feedly reader where I'm constantly adding other calligraphers, handlettering artists and entrepreneurs and the second is my Instagram feed which is filled with other letterers, ranging from highly skilled veterans to friends and web-acquaintances who are just starting out on their lettering adventures.  It's a great way to keep up with trends and techniques and to find others to collaborate with and create a strong community (especially when the Boston scene sometimes feel so small).

With that being said, in mid-August, I stumbled upon the Modern Calligraphy Summit and could not have been more pumped to hear about a world-wide conference dedicated solely to modern calligraphy.  I couldn't believe the other calligraphers who had signed on to teach (Anne Robin, Laura Hooper, Ashley Buzzy, & Nicole Miyuki to name a few) and I cannot help but be giddy thinking of how each segment of the summit touches a part of my business - whether it is refining my pointed pen techniques to improving my brush script game, I cannot express how much I am looking forward to participating in this event.

What's more is that it is completely virtual, so in late February when we're bound to be experiencing who knows what kind of snow storm in New England, I'll be able to complete the course from the comfort of my home studio.  I know, I know, I started out this post by saying how it can be lonely being a business owner and here I am excited about courses I can take in isolation ;) But let me be more clear - this summit is stepping stone before I make the commitment and investment in a bigger meet-up.  I can get the conference-like exposure without the dollars that are associated with traveling (flights, hotels) and without taking away from time in my studio.  Plus the fees for the Modern Calligraphy Summit are a fraction of what some of the other conferences cost.

Nevertheless, I am truly looking forward to February and the opportunity to continue to build my calligraphy and business community.  And in the meantime, I'll be daydreaming about getting my butt on the road to one of the in-person conferences in the near future!

What types of things do you do that help you improve your career or business?  Do you participate in professional development?  What are you looking forward to learning next?