Spreading Holiday Cheer!

Paper Source Paper Rosette Wreath with Yennygrams 

I'm in the thick of the holiday season and I am listening to way too much Carpenter's Christmas on Pandora but with everything else going on, I've made a point this season to actually follow through on some creative projects.

The first of my projects was done with a little help from the Paper Source.  I actually bought this kit last year and never had the chance to get to it but alas, I committed to making it this year!

The kit had directions that were very easy to follow and it included several different holiday-esque decorative papers to use.  The paper rosettes are made by folding the paper in a zig-zag formation, tying them with cord at the center and then taping the opposite ends to each other to form the circle.  I then used a wreath shaped piece of cardboard (included in the kit) to mount the pieces together.  I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the back cardboard so that it would hang nicely on my front door. To top it off I used the green banners that were provided and added some of my own hand-lettering to this creation. (They come pre-made but I flipped my over and wrote my own greeting.)

It's a nice warm welcome into our apartment on these cold winter days!

Happy Holidays!