Invitation Suite Details

Include what you want your invite to say. Don't leave anything out, think about how you want your names written out (full, first and middle names only, etc.) or how you want to address the hosts and your guests. Please make sure you check for typos or errors!
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
This address will be printed on the back flap of the outer invitation envelope. Please include names if you would like to include with address.
Please include wording for the response card including the deadline for response, how you want them to identify themselves and respond (Can't wait!/Can't make it!) and whether there will be any food choices needed on this card.
Response Deadline *
Response Deadline
This return address will be printed on the front of the response card envelope.
Please include copy for any additional inserts you wish to include (directions, hotel/accommodations, transportation, agenda for the weekend).
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