Our mission is to create memorable experiences for times of celebration through our one-of-a-kind designs, clever spirit and handcrafted touch. 


I started Yennygrams in January 2013 as a way to let my creativity shine. 

Before going out into the “real world" (read: 5.5 years in advertising), I had taken a variety of fine art classes including pen and ink programs in high school and college.  I had even shown a knack for creative lettering during the “scrapbooking” boom of the late ’90s :)

While I had a somewhat creative “upbringing,” something still bothered me; it nagged at me really… For those same 4 years, I had ceased to create anything for which I was truly proud.  I had “pinned” half of the internet to high heaven but had yet to create something from my aspirational boards. But thankfully, that's also when I took my first “dip pen” calligraphy class.  The memories of practicing calligraphy in high school rushed back to me and it felt like getting back on a bicycle. Fortunately, I also had the advancement of technology on my side this time.  I “Instagrammed” and “Facebooked” the daylights out of my quirky lettering projects and I started to garner a solid following of friends and fellow lettering enthusiasts looking for an old school style, a nearly outdated craft, to spice up a wedding present, their party invitations, a housewarming gift.

That’s where Yennygrams came in and I have been developing creatively hand-lettered solutions for clients ever since.

In May 2014, I made a hard decision – I decided to leave my job in advertising and take this 'hobby' on full time.  While it was very hard to do, it was also very easy, something that seemed meant to be.

Now that you know a little bit about Yenny, more on this site: Here I will share my current projects and other creative tips.  Check back for updates on shopping events and workshops!

I hope you enjoy and if you ever have a question, please feel free to ask!

Thanks for visiting!